Third Grade

                                                  3rd Grade Science

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Food Chains

Water Cycle

Simple Machines

Habitat Project                                          

 We have been studying about animals and their habitats in science and we need your help at home.  Please help your child with constructing a "shoe box habitat" and witing and oral summary to present to the class on the due date mentioned below.  Please do not send the habitat or report before the date that it is due.  This is not an extra credit assignment, but a regular assignment for the entire class.

 Students should choose one of the following habitats:  Ocean, Desert, Temperate/Deciduous Forest, Rain Forest, Grassland/Savanna, Wetland/Swamp, or Tundtra/Arctic.  The habitat needs to include three plants; one plant eating animal (herbivore), one plant/meat eating animal (omnivore) and one meat eating animal (carnivore), which could be found in that type of setting.  The habitat should look as real as possible.

Your child will be expected to give a brief oral report to the class sometime after the habitat is due.  Please have your child outline the important facts about their habitat on separate note cards.  This will help them organize their report and encourage them to make eye contact.  Their report should include and introduction and conclusion..  Thank you for your support.